Is someone trying to hack me?

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    This is the second time now, on my mac pro, I have woke up and found this new tab open in my browser? The first time I remember googling it and not seeing much and thought maybe it was from an email and forgot about. But here it is again? Google turns up nothing but instructions from Cisco on how to setup remote desktop. I can't find any security warnings online, but what the hell is it? I do not, nor have I ever had Cisco Remote Desktop on my machine, 10.8.2 Chrome 20.

    The web adress in the browser tab:

    And the screenshot of whats on the screen:


    Any ideas? :confused:
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    Your browser is being directed (not sure how) to try to access the Virtual Private Network of That site is trying to use Java to install the Cisco Secure Desktop application.

    The moderators should remove the link you posted, since anyone who clicks on it and has Java enabled runs the risk of having this software installed on his system.
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    Wow, ok, so basically it's not good is what you are telling me?

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