Is the 13" going to be enough?

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by Nee412, Jan 25, 2014.

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    Hey I've been putting money aside for a new rMBP since their announcement. My ageing 2008 Macbook is about all but dead and desperately needs replacing. I would like a little help in deciding if the 13" will be enough for my uses. Any insight will be appreciated.

    My main uses will be...
    *The usual internet browsing.
    *Lots of word processing for work.
    *Usual amount of emailing.
    *Hobby style photoshop use, nothing too heavy.

    However in October I'm going back into education and starting a part-time degree course. This will include
    *some 3D modelling
    *some Java coding
    *More photoshop

    Gaming isn't an issue to me. That's what I have my xBox for.

    I know there are lots of Windows Laptops that would be better for the coding side of things, but I like Macs. I know the 15" is the ultimately the best Mac laptop, but my girlfriend likes the 13". She'll be using it to. Plus I can buy the 13" now, whereas I'd have to wait a little longer for the 15".

    What I want to know is would the 13" be capable of doing all the above? Doesn't have to be great at it. Just has to do it.

    The config I would get would be the 2.6GHz, 8GB, 512GB model.
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    Jan 23, 2014
  3. Bear macrumors G3

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    YEs, the 13" would work for what you want it for. I do suggest going in to an Apple Store and playing with both the 13" and 15" models to make sure you'll be happy with the 13" model.
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    it will be fine. Keep in mind, any MacBook Pro is also capable of driving a second display, you could easily add a second display via display port (Thunderbolt) or HDMI if you need more screen space for some things, as long as you have some desk space for such a set-up. I currently have my MBP connected to a Viewsonic IPS 23" monitor that cost $170, came with HDMI cable, (adapter for my older MBP, but, no adapter needed for the rMBP). You can also use AirPlay with an Apple TV to use your Apple TV-connected HDTV as a second display as well (2011 & newer MBPs).
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    Not sure how heavy your 3D modeling and Photoshop work will be, I would suggest perhaps on the base 15" MacBook Pro?

    It's about $200 more new, but you should be able to find it in the refurbished store with even the 512GB storage.

    The 15" being only slightly bigger is much faster with a faster processor, better graphics, and generally more screen real estate for working.

    I find programing on a bigger screen is much easier than on a small one.

    All that said, if you're all set on the 13" it should be enough for all your work. I know plenty of people who do that work on a base model Mac.
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    Jan 22, 2014

    There is a reason there are so many 2013 15" refurbs available and almost never any 13" available; the screen issues.

    I am so scared of all these 15" screen issues, and playing the swap game with Apple, that I wouldn't even consider the 15". Not to mention, they aren't as willing to swap over and over again (if needed) when dealing with refurbs.
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    Questions like this aren't always great to ask people you don't know. Because you get people like me who just say screw it all and get the big one. No you don't need it, but you don't not need it. I could get by with a chrome book but went the high end 15" rMBP route. I'd go with the 15" with the dGPU. It's more than you need. But I'm the type that would rather have more than I need that wondering if it's enough or if I had purchased the bigger one if I'd get better performance. And with the way these aren't upgradeable anymore it's better to buy high once. It's a lot cheaper than buying twice if it came down to it. Just my .02. There will be many people telling you I'm wrong and you don't need it, but I'm the bad voice in your head telling you to go for the big one.

  8. AppleGoat macrumors 6502a

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    The 13" is sufficient for your listed criteria -- but the further and further you delve into Photoshop, the more and more you'll want the 15". Screen real estate is very nice when designing. The 15" is the best notebook on the market (IMO) but you can't go wrong with either computer. They are both super. If you go 13", get the $1499 model (or higher).

    ** as I wrote that last bit, I realized how tantalizingly close you get to the 15" refurbs in cost, something to consider **

    A lot of it comes down to whether you want the added portability and smaller footprint of the 13". A pound makes a difference.

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