iPad mini Is the 7.9 inch screen adequate for viewing slides on dropbox/keynote?

Discussion in 'iPad' started by oggydude, Oct 19, 2013.

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    Hey guys sorry if this question has been asked before, but currently I'm a 2nd year medical student and have a iPad 1 which I use daily to take with me to lectures and library and use it to view presentations/pdf's on dropbox so I can take notes (with pen and paper) whilst also doing light browsing and love some of the apps such as the medical dictionary comes very handy when I want to know some definitions on slides and youtube to explain difficult concepts, and annotations of anatomy images is very handy. However the speed of the iPad 1 has always frustrated me and I've been offered £100 for it, so I am wondering whether I should buy a Mini for £269, however will the new mini come with with a good battery 8hrs+ and is it a big enough screen for everyday use for reading presentations/pdfs/annotating images, plus is it faster than the iPad 1 and more capable for multitasking as that always makes my current iPad annoyingly buggy, I don't need anything intense as I have a macbook pro at home for that. Thanks for the help :)
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    Mini attery lasts as long as a regular iPad, I never measured exactly how long mine lasts, but I never felt any difference from how long the battery lasts on the full sized iPad.

    Speed is the same as iPad 2, which means it'll be faster than iPad 1.

    Slides and PDF will be smaller. Take a screenshot of your iPad in landscape, and turn it to look at it in portrait, and that approximates how big things look on the mini.

    But whatever you do, wait until after the new models are released -- they'll be announced on Tuesday, and released a week or two after that. The new models might have features that affect your decision, and if you decide you don't need any new features of the new models, then the old ones will come down in price.

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