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Sep 27, 2013
I find the Apple TV app awkward for watching series. For example when I finish an episode and click play next in "Watch Now", it wants me to buy the next episode as a standalone purchase from the current series despite already owning every episode (and already have it downloaded too).

Does the TV box suffer from the same stupidity? I know to work around this flaw myself by ignoring the "Watch Now" section and going to my Library, but don't want to have to explain all this to my family since the point of the box would be its ease of use.

The aim of the Apple TV is to bring together all your existing media but if it can't understand what you already own and leads to unnecessary extra purchases then it seems to less than worthless at its job.


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Oct 13, 2011
Brooklyn NY
The TV app is a big joke. Still no Netflix integration and the worst thing is when you watch Hulu, Amazon or any other channel it kicks you out of the app just to bring you into the there native app and when you finish what you watch it still leaves you in the their native app. It is just a poor front end to limited streaming services.


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Aug 15, 2004
Once again, Apple can't leave well enough alone. My ATV 4K was great on tvOS 12 and things were logical to find. Now with tvOS 13 for once they are going the opposite direction and their "separation of consolidated apps" is confusing and the apps are really wonky. Since I just got the latest Beta and really haven't spent time with it, haven't really wanted to. I am seeing that it's the age ol' "Apple Knows Better and You WILL Like It!" shtick. Right now the unit itself is not working too well after the first Beta. I have the second installed and will get some time in on it soon. But I'm not sure what they think they are trying to accomplish, other than "We're Great!!"
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