Is the flash drive in the RMBP replaceable?

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by PhaserFuzz, Jun 16, 2012.

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    Sorry, I know this has been asked multiple times.. but I keep reading different answers. Officially, does anyone know for sure if the flash drive in the RMBP is replaceable? As in, is it going to be possible to send it in somewhere and have them install a larger flash drive? I know the RAM is not, so no need to discuss that. Thanks for any clarification! ;)
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    It sounds like at some point in the future it will probably be replaceable. The articles I've read have said that OWC is working on making compatible flash memory that will work with the new connector. Not sure how long it will be until that happens, though.
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    Feb 6, 2009
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    Thanks for the replies guys! Will adding a higher capacity flash drive void the warranty? Also, how expensive is it to have them install a new drive?
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    It's technically against the warranty to replace the SSD because Apple doesn't consider it a user replaceable part.

    As for cost, we don't know yet since they haven't started shipping the retina-MBP compatible SSDs. Most likely it will be about as expensive as just getting the bigger one from Apple in the first place.

    I wouldn't count on doing a quick upgrade to beat Apple's SSD prices. It may be worth doing in a couple of years though when SSD prices have gone down and your MBP is out of warranty.
  6. macuser2134, Jun 17, 2012
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    We need mSATA -> Apple Flash Adaptor

    I suggested to OWC Mike that we need a 3rd party mSATA adaptor, rather than a special drive. He couldn't reply due to OWC product policies. But here was my final suggestion:

    The Apple OEM Drive is 83 X 33mm (excluding the Apple proprietary male PCB connector). Aparrently, the unpopulated region on the far end by the speaker is used as an air channel or "air gap". Which needs to be preserved. Since an mSATA SSD is about 50mm long (including its male PCB connector). That still leaves a a small space of approc 5-10mm near the port. This may be large enough to wedge in a teeny tiny PCB adaptor near the main board.

    On the speaker side, a T-shaped strip of metal would used to secure the assembly. The "top" of the T shape would screw into the 2 mounting holes at the end of the mSATA card. And the lengthwize central bar of the T would span across the remaining 30mm air gap to reach the existing 1 mounting screw by the speaker.

    It is not known if OWC will actually be producing such a cheap little kit. They may instead prefer to release a custom sized SSD because thats an easier way for to them turn a $profit. However OWC are not the only 3rd party supplier who exists. There are other shops in China and India who can make the necessary PCB adaptor, and to an acceptable quality.
  7. macuser2134 macrumors member

    Feb 15, 2012
    Personally I don't want to be forced into using an OWC drive. That's no better than being forced to use the proprietary Apple drives. OWC drives have a history of being too expensive. Especially to other countries who must import them from USA. And OWC drives are Sandforce based.

    We need to have a free market choice. For example the Samsung PM-830 (mSATA) or Micron C400 (mSATA). Or an mSATA version of an OCZ Vertex 4 (which is not yet announced). So we need an mSATA adaptor. For sure.
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    Upgradable SSD is little bit like the RAM upgrade in the old MacBook Pros (non-retina). In Australia, to upgrade 8GB RAM (2 x 4GB) to 16GB, if going aftermarket, you have to bin the OEM RAM and buy 2 x 8GB chips. And that costs around $230 - $250. To upgrade rMBP at the time of BTO to 16GB is $220 (in AU). Of course, that's an expensive 8GB upgrade but the alternative is not that much cheaper. So, this is a long way of saying, how much cheaper can a 3rd party supply 16GB for? I cannot imagine (at least in short term) being half price, for example.
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    May 11, 2012
    as for cost you can look at OWC price for the MBA's... in other words it's not very cheap. If you need more then 256gb... I'd get it now.

    I'm going 256 + NAS.. just have to manage whats on the SSD

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