Is the Griffin Reveal Etch Better than Speck PixelSkin HD?


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Jun 12, 2009
Griffin Reveal Etch -

According to the review, the Etch has a larger hole so that there is no interference/distortion when using Flash.

All the people comparing the two say the two cases are identical. Is there any way in which the HD is functionally superior to the Griffin Reveal Etch

So many people here are lauding the PixelSkin HD while ignoring the Etch and I'm curious if there is a specific reason for this.

In my opinion, the PixelSkin HD's back looks ugly.

But if there is any manner in which the HD is indeed functionally superior to the Griffin Reveal Etch, I'll opt to go for it instead.


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Jun 12, 2009
Thats good.

Has anyone heard of any weaknesses with this case/any reason to opt to not to get it.


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Aug 25, 2008
I ordered the Reveal Etch.
Same here. Unfortunately mine won't arrive till some time in October (here in the US).

I've read the reviews online as well and some in youtube, didn't find anything that shows its cons. I'll try to see if there are (as soon as I get mine which is like 3 mos from now lol)


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Feb 28, 2008
My friend has the Etch, and while it looks great in the pictures I thought it felt pretty cheap. I was really disappointed by the back where it almost looks like a carbon fiber imitation in the picture.


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Feb 23, 2008
i'm assuming the etch is basically a 'reveal' with a different hard back.

anyway, i had the regular reveal and tbh, i don't recommend it. the rubber is too grippy which attracts dirt/lint and it makes it somewhat difficult to get it out from your pocket with one hand. also, the silicon is somewhat flimsy and stretchy so when you grip the phone and press down on the power button, you'll feel the phone slide.

one more thing, dust will get in between the phone and the hard back so if you don't have a protector film, your phone might get scratch (mine didn't since well i returned it after 4 days).

those are just some of my experience. i had the white reveal btw which i really liked until it started discoloring only after a few days (yellowing and blue from my jeans) and after seeing all the flaws the more i used.

with that said, i would go with the pixelskin hd.

That would be the case that I ordered as well. The Pixelskin is nice, but it is a bit bulky though.
forgot to reply to this. if you think pixelskin hd is bulkier than the reveal, you are sadly mistaken... definitely go with the pixelskin hd if you don't like unnecessary bulk.


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May 14, 2008
I just noticed that Speck has a Pixelskin and then the Pixelskin HD for the i4. I had the Pixelskin which was very bulky, but the Pixelskin HD looks alot better though.