is the Macbook pro slowly merging into the iPad?


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Apr 11, 2010
I watched the iPad 2 launch today and was surprised how capable iOS is getting with games/garage band and other OSX programs!

Yes they are watered down versions but as these are improved upon where will this leave the macbook just a large ipad with a keyboard?

Basically we are buying the same thing in effect as these devices continue to merge ?

Now if ipad ran OSX from the off we'd have garage band,imove and other but it seems to me apple has milked this very well!

Do you feel the age of the laptop computer is getting redundant? as steve said its "post-pc" thats the future!


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Apr 21, 2007
After the release of lion, eventually Apple will make the Macbook pro touchscreen, then into some form of tablet PC... that has an iPad basically as the screen....

eventually... that iPad used as a monitor will be detachable as the hinges will be some sort of interestingly liquidmetal magnetic technology.... so you can effectively have an iPad within a macbook pro.