Is the Name Mobile Me original?

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    Aug 5, 2008
    I am currently reading the book, "The World is Flat" by Thomas L. Friedman. And on several occasions on page 195, a quote by Padmasree Warrior "mobile me". Where the exact wording goes on to say
    " We are rapidly moving into the age of "mobile me,"... they increasingly want to be able to access it anytime, anywhere."

    By "they" in the content of the paragraph the author is talking about the consumer. And this section is talking about how wireless technology has made everything more accessible everywhere to everyone.
    This clearly resembles the name, and follows the description of Apple's online service. Also this book is on its third edition published around 2007. Much earlier than Apple's announcement. For anyone who hasn't read the book its great, and widely known, and thus highly likely many employees at Apple have read the book. Just a speculation, any thoughts.
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    Let's Sekuhara!

    Jun 30, 2008
    That's interesting! Thanks for posting. Makes the name seem cooler somehow.

    But no, I have no information about the origins of the name or how Apple chose it.

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