is the new i7 iMac actually faster?

Discussion in 'iMac' started by roadkill401, Oct 15, 2015.

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    So they post on the marketing literature that the new iMac is 20% faster. But I wonder as the new i7 according to PassMark is actually slower. The Intel Core i7-6700K CPU is 4.0GHz but with a Turbo speed of 4.2. Where as the previous Intel Core i7-4790K CPU is a 4.0GHz with a turbo of 4.4GHz.

    Take a look at the passmark score. 10872 (new iMac) vs 11237 (older iMac)

    sure they say that the SSD drives are faster, but I have not seen any tests for it. I would hazard to guess that the fusion drive is slower as its now 24gb SSD rather than 128 so it's just going to get swamped very easily.

    the only thing left is the graphics card.
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    Did Apple quote 20% ? When I look at these Geekbench numbers:

    I'm not impressed as well. However, we know that the main drive for Intel's roadmap is on-die GPU performance jumps, not massive CPU improvements. The late 2015 models also have 17% faster RAM, which also helps to boost performance. However... maybe more for the 21.5" model than the 27" in fabricated benchmarks (21.5" uses on-die GPU).
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