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Nov 2, 2014
For some reason I was thinking that this space black option was a limited edition watch. Did Apple say this was limited edition or is this an option that they will keep around?


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Aug 8, 2002
Well, "it's interesting." The copy on Apple's page that addresses this says:

"It’s available for a limited time with special packaging, and includes an additional black Hermès Sport Band."

Depending on what kind of comma stickler you are, this could be read in one of two ways:
1) the watch itself is available for a limited time
2) the special packaging is available for a limited time

I called this out right from the start and got some pushback from people who insisted that the watch itself was a limited edition. However, if you peruse the Hermes Owners Thread here you'll see that at least one person purchased the SBSS Hermes watch in 'regular' (orange) packaging as opposed to the special (black) packaging that others got. That suggests that it was the packaging that was only available for a limited time.

That said, it's availability was never "plentiful" and Apple doesn't even list it on its store as out of stock. It's simply not there at all among the Hermes choices. *That* said, though it's not currently available for purchase on the US Hermes site, the placeholder pages are still there, and, it's popped back up as available there at least one time that I'm sure of (I know because I came very close to ordering one at the time).

So...who knows? If you want one and find one, buy it. But limited edition or otherwise I wouldn't purchase it anticipating any particular value as a collectors item. Ultimately the tech in these becomes obsolete. A used early series Hermes AW isn't worth all that much more than a regular SS AW. I wouldn't anticipate anything meaningfully different for the SBSS version down the road.
And look at that - I'm wrong in that it *is* currently available on the Apple store:

1 day shipping, or local pickup both available.

EDIT: it was bugging me why the SBSS Hermes didn't appear among the available Hermes choices but could be found at that link. Turns out the link is from the 'Create Your Style' link which lets you pick case and band separately. My guess is that if you ordered as such this would come in standard orange Hermes packaging. Question then becomes whether it'd include the orange Hermes sport band or the black one? Hopefully the latter, but the page for this combo doesn't indicate either way.

EDIT2: I'm an idiot. If you scroll down it says the black Hermes sport band is included. But it says nothing about the packaging.
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