Is there a benefit to having a larger ssd besides more space?

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by dk808, Oct 31, 2016.

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    Im thinking about choosing the 1tb ssd over the 512 gb and keep going back and forth. I know if im very careful about my files i can fit the 512 gb but it seems like it would be a hassle to keep deleting stuff and moving to external hard drives. It would be awesome to not have to worry if i had a 1 tb. But at the same 1 tb ssd is pretty expensive so I was wondering if there was any other benefits such as faster speed that comes with a larger ssd
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    Oct 22, 2014
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    Seems like you answered your own question.
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    Usually faster write/read speeds if you opt for larger SSDs.
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    If you have small (128 GB) SSDs you can pay a performance penalty. This is because you have fewer modules so fewer parallel operations. You can see this if you check the performance ratings for SSDs. The smaller version of a drive is slower than the largest. But by 512 GB you will probably be using all memory channels and be close to as fast as drive architecture will let you go. Moving to 1 TB may be only slightly faster.
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    Speed differences between sizes mostly exist on budget SSDs between 128-256 GB and higher capacities due to parallelism achieved by having a higher number of NAND dies.

    I wouldn't expect a significant difference - if any at all - between 512 GB and 1 TB versions of the high-end drives used in the new machines, especially considering they probably use the same number of dies regardless of capacity.

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