Is there a fix for the Sideways Pictures?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by drgrafix, Sep 1, 2010.

  1. drgrafix macrumors regular

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    So far I love the new iP4... and it's 5 MP camera comes in very handy, especially taking pictures at car shows that I attend, and horsing around with my grandkids. What is especially annoying is that even with the camera position lock off, pictures are being sent sideways. Why can't they make a fix that allows you to rotate pictures like iPhoto so that when you send them... the recipients get them in the proper orientation? Not everyone who receives pictures is a wiz with photos and knows how to use a separate application or tool to rotate pictures. I've had nothing but complaints from many members of our family that emails show sideways pictures and it's annoying to hear from them that my sophisticated iPhone can't send pictures correctly.

    If there's a fix or App that deals with it... please smack me in the head and point it out. LOL
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    I think the free Photoshop app does it. I know the (paid) Photogene does it. I prefer that one to Photoshop, personally.

    But it's a pain to edit after the fact. Are you giving the camera time to rotate? Notice the camera icon on the shutter button? It turns to show which way the photo will be taken. Watch it, sometimes it takes a few seconds to catch up. If you shoot the photo before it turns you'll end up having to fix it.

    I'd try to find ways to prevent the problem rather than going back and editing photos.

    If it really isn't working you should have the Apple store examine it.
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    Now I could be wrong, but I though I remembered reading that in one the 4.0 betas that Apple was going to allow the ability to rotate an image within the photos app just incase stuff like this happened. But this feature was not in the Final Version.

    if this is true, does anyone know why they removed it?

    I just did a quick google search and found this screenshot from cnet.
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    Mar 4, 2007
    I find it nearly impossible to end up with an improperly rotated picture. The camera app even ignores the rotation lock. If this is happening frequently with the built in camera app, something is wrong.
    If you just have a few that need to be fixed, there are several apps on the store that do this.
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    I'll have to give that a look... but how does it deal with multiple pictures being sent via email? And when I look at the camera roll... the pictures never appear sideways so when you click "share" and then select say four pictures to email or send as a text msg attachment... they don't change. The simple fix would be to make sure that any picture, whether taken with the iP4 or imported, is locked in its imported orientation unless the user manually flips it 90˚.

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