Is there a GOOD stand-alone spam filter for Mac?

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  1. Lithos71, Jun 17, 2011
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    Jun 17, 2011
    Hi there.

    I have recently purchased a MacBook Pro 2011 and I'm already very comfortable with it. It is my first Mac, I'm so definitively converted that Ruindows never more (although I will keep my desktop for occasional gaming, it is a high-end PC).

    I already have everything that I need running here, but there's one thing missing:

    It is absolutely mandatory in my case an antispam software.

    Having purchased two 2-year licenses of Mailwasher Pro 2011 (for Windows -- one for my desktop PC and the other for my wife's laptop), I was gently given another one for the old Mac version, discontinued long ago. But it simply refuses to work with ONE of my accounts no matter what (the settings are positively correct, and it keeps asking for the password over and over and never reaches the server) and, allow me to be honest, the app itself doesn't even come close to the new 2011 version (and the interface is cumbersome and ugly as hell).

    I am lost in a sea of antispam software for Mac here in my research, the vast majority working integrated with the email client (which I don't want, I need a separate app like MWP) -- was able to find one that runs separately called Spamfire, but it is also discontinued.

    I'm trying SpamSieve right now (NOT stand-alone), but it misses A LOT of features like friends and blacklist, it allows e-mails already marked as spam to reach your mail client all the same, we can't bounce or report the undesired and unsolicited emails and so on. On top of that, keeps reminding me all the time that that is a trial version. I know that thank you very much, and I would gladly pay for something that I actually like, as always. i simply despise piracy, I have paid for every app here and this one (the antispam that I choose, not SpamSieve) will be no different. Or maybe I grow to like it in this one month that I have to test it (or 20 days, don't remember exactly).

    I found another one called Purify. But I found it very simplistic, it doesn't even detect my accounts from the Mail Client, and you have to click on "preferences" on a menu at the top of the page otherwise the interface doesn't even appear -- not to mention a small square with a green button reading "ready" that, if I click on it, redirects me to a game advertising page.

    I'm failing to find a decent app, and my time is as scarce as it can be.

    Can someone please lend me a hand here? What would be the closest alternative to MWP for Mac?

    Thanks in advance, any help would be MUCH appreciated.

    P.S.: I don't want to run Parallels or Fusion, and Crossover (the only one that doesn't require Windows, as far as I know) does not support MWP 2011.
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    Jun 17, 2011
    C'mon guys, nothing? Not one?

    I have opened another 3 threads in different forums, read that this one is the biggest Mac forum in the world, it was my last hope.

    Im completely pissed off with myself because of this obsession of mine in getting what I want no matter what, I threw away my saturday in vain. I had so much to work on, instead I tried piles of junkware and left empty-handed...

    There is not one good stand-alone spam filter for Mac, period! I'm completely baffled, don't know what to think.

    SpamSieve, that everybody claims is the best, forgive me, but a joke is what it is. No blacklist, no friends list, no bounce or report options, even the addresses marked as spammers continue to reach you -- only that they go to the SpamSieve folder, big deal. And the app keeps reminding me every 5 seconds that that is a trial version and blabla. Awful, forgive me the ones who love it, to each its own, right?

    And, after all, I'd want a stand-alone app... so when I ran the email client only the "good" mail would reach my inbox. (sigh)

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