is there a jailbreak for iPhone 8? Somebody swears there is

Discussion in 'Jailbreaks and iOS Hacks' started by applelover4u, May 31, 2018.

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    Sorry mean to say break not real. I can’t figure out how to edit the title but is there a jailbreak for iPhone 8? Somebody is swearing up and down iPhone 8 can be jail broke and that it’s widely available. I told them you have no clue
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    Yes there is it’s 11-11.1.2 and now they are about to release one for 11.3.1 only. Apple is still signing it at the moment so if you have an iPhone you want to jailbreak you need to either upgrade or downgrade to 11.3.1 immediately, before they stop signing it.
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    The more appropriate question to ask, is "Is there a jailbrek for iOS X.x?"

    Most jailbreaks are released for a specific iOS firmware version first and model of iPhone second. In the last year or so the focus has been on model, but currenly there are jailbreaks available for all models of iPhone if you are on the right firmware.

    So, you'd be right, if the person you are speaking to has an iPhone 8 on the latest version of iOS. You'd be wrong if they were on 11.1.2 or less.

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