iPhone Is there a permanent iPhone 4 unlock solution?

Discussion in 'Jailbreaks and iOS Hacks' started by patent10021, Nov 5, 2012.

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    I have an iPhone 4 here in Japan and want to give it to someone in Canada.

    I have a Gevey SIM card actually but it is not the most current Gevey SIM that doesn't require typing in a whole bunch of codes etc. It's not the easiest set up.

    That's why I am wondering if there is a permanent hardware unlock solution for the iPhone 4 since it's so old.

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    check to see if there are IEMI unlocks for your carrier ebay has a ton at&t is very cheap to get one other carriers are more expensive there is a big IEMI thread here that might help. You also might ask your carrier about it.. IEMI unlocks are basicly grey market factory unlocks
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    Apparently these guys can do it. TONS of real users posting comments on this site.


    EDIT: Yes they got Softbank working. The first company to do it on SoftBank. The catch... £150. No thanks.
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    If you're out of contract, you should be able to call up Softbank for help. You can buy one of the new Geveys(auto unlock on 5.0.1/5.1.1/4.3x(any software with an untethered jailbreak). They are called Gevey Ultra(no S), and make sure the auction references Cydia or it's just a Pro disguised as an Ultra. Your old Pro will work with the chinasn0w source in Cydia(it manually dials 112). The source is ultra.chinasnow.net in Cydia.

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    Is that a real SIM or a link to software that unlocks the phone? Needs to be JB'd via Cydia hey? I'm going to give my iP4 to someone who isn't savvy at all so any upgrades and/or unintentional iTunes updates could brick/break the JB.

    I could upgrade to 6.01 or soon to 6.1 then unlock it with Gevey right? Just tell that person NEVER to click anything that says update lol

    I found a real hardware unlock today at the site above (first company to do it on SoftBank). Unfortunately it's about $300. These guys are nuts. They say it's out of their hands and they have to pay whoever. How are these guys getting these unlocks? Some magic dude in HongKong? They are for real though.

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