Is there a Switcher Support group? <smirk>

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by welders4mac, Mar 8, 2008.

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    Hi I am a switcher,

    Please do not get me wrong I love my mac, its just.....its just I feel like a something is missing. Certainly its not money, why yes the system is more expensive, yet its saved me a bundle. Also I have much more time on my hand.

    You see I used too eagerly await the newest computer magazine, reading all the ads for the latest and greatest hardware to help speed my PC along. A endless task to be assured, yet it kept me busy. Furthermore the constant scouring the net for anti(everything bad) too keep my information and system running <ahem> smoothly was causing bags to form under my eyes.

    Yes I can now recite my children's names off by heart. I can even remember when my wife's Birthday is. You see All I have done is upgrade the ram from 1GB to 2GB, not really needed from what I do mind you.
    But the Upgrade-aholic had do something. Why Im sure the shakes made me go by the external Firewire DVD drive. I do not have the steps on reformatting and reinstalling my OS Imbedding in my brain and washed out on my Keyboard. I have never had the opportunity.

    You see Installing and Uninstalling other applications work, it works well. Updates well, no work to be done there.......none at all......nothing.

    It has become evident in fact that the majority of time I used to sit in front of the computer was actually non productive, sure I entered information, sure I counted beans. But the most sought out quest was to make my PC run faster, although it always getting slower. Money poured out of me as fast as Microsoft made it....Things that make me think Hmmmm.

    I love iLife, simply the best. No problems with watching Videos, listening to music. Sending and Receiving email. Surfing the Net. Open Office or Neo Office work like a charm. Gimp to me is better than the version I had of Photoshop.....

    You see the other day I was at work and there was a great debate on Norton this and Norton that, mine cost this yours cost that. This virus that key-logger. My guru your guru....

    I used to fit right in. Now when asked. I must look like a deer must feel whilst looking into the headlights. I give my brain a quick degauss and say "I don't know.....I have a Mac". I soon see everybody else looking like a deer in the headlights. Then its off too Im getting the new version of this, Im thinking of upgrading that.

    Im not in that circle anymore
    come to think of it, I don't have the problem, or problems.

    It just feels so different,
    It just feels like this, like this is the way things are supposed to work


    Thank you apple,
    for freeing up so much of my time. :apple:
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