Is there a truly 'free' way of syncing tasks and notes and notes between colleagues??

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    Hi everyone, i have been racking my brains and i cant be the only person who needs to find a solution to my problem.
    I manage a small team of 7 individuals, each of who will have all manner of tasks and deadlines i have asked them to do, we attend the same meetings and sometimes they are on their own doing their own thing.
    i would like to have a piece of software that could help me to keep track of all the things we have discussed (evernote at present), keep track of the things i have asked them to do with their deadlines (things at the moment) - and i need this piece of software to keep everything synced, so if i set new tasks from my macbook, it will update on their laptop or iphone, ipad, whatever. also if they want to go into my evernote account and amend some notes from a meeting for instance i want to be able to see their changes and maybe get an email when its been done.
    of course i would be willing to pay for this but if they is a truly free option then i would go for that,
    it would be great if anyone would like to share their workflow and syncing systems with me as i am at the moment getting a bit lost with the different things that seem to change so quickly within the team,
    thanks in advance,
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