Home Technology is there a voice command with siri or google that will override a philips hue motion sensor?

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    I have motion sensors that switch on lights in bathrooms, kitchen, spare bedroom, but what would be great for me would be to have a voice command something like 'hey google keep the kitchen lights on' which would switch off the sensor and the automatic turning off after a minute. or 'hey google keep the bedroom lights off' so I can use a sensor in the bedroom but not have it turn the lights on if I move in my sleep.
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    Moving in your sleep could be overcome by selecting the lowest motion sensitivity.

    You can also set it to never turn off.

    Would these two settings address your needs or would you still want to do it only sometimes?

    You can actually do exactly what you want via Formulae. These are additional beta options you can download and install on your Hue Bridge.


    Can you leave my background lighting on?
    Currently the Philips Hue motion sensor only has two options when no motion is detected, turn off or do nothing. This is perfect for transitional areas like hallways, bathroom, basement or garage. However, we learned that you want to use it in any room in the house, including open spaces. And you would appreciate to be able to prevent dark areas in your space. With our No motion, no fuss Formula instead of turning off the lights when no motion is detected, it recalls your favourite background scene. When triggering the sensor, it turns on your favourite functional light scene as you were used to. Great for those commercial breaks where you just burst in and out of the kitchen to grab a snack!

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