Phones Is there a way for S7 Edge to auto download photos home WiFi ?

Discussion in 'Alternatives to iOS and iOS Devices' started by Tig Bitties, Nov 30, 2016.

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    Sep 6, 2012
    My co-worker just bought a new S7 Edge, and he likes how his Wife's iPhone will automatically download her phone photos through their Home WiFi computer system, as soon as she walks in the door.

    He has a pretty nice home computer system all wired up smart house.

    He is asking if there's a way to setup his new Galaxy S7 Edge to automatically download his photos on his phone, as soon as gets home ?
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    Feb 13, 2014
    When you say download I think you have your terminology mixed up. You can only upload from your phone. If you mean you want to be able to view your pics on your computer when you get in, it's fairly easy. You use the Google photos app. In settings, set to back up automatically over wifi, the second you get home it starts uploading and new.lics to your cloud account. Then you can view them on any pc that is logged into your Google account.
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    If you are talking about from S7 Edge to Photos on a Mac, that's via iCloud. Not technically downloaded to Mac(as far as I know).

    You'll need to use Dropbox, Google, OneDrive or any other cloud based apps/services to auto download to Mac.
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    Oct 7, 2012
    how to wirelessly sync data on your android phone with a local private file server

    - file server (Linux or Mac)
    - sshd and rsync installed on the file server
    - llama from play store
    - rsync for android

    ** pre setup steps
    - Set router to give your file server same/static ip
    - Enable sshd on your Mac or Linux server. Ssh allows you to remotely log into the server from the command line.
    - make a folder in your home directory named phone-pics-backup
    - install llama and rsync4android on your phone.

    ** Setup rsync4android (this will allow you to backup)
    - in rsync4android, click 'get binaries' then 'generate keys' then copy the contents of your public key to your file server. Your public key will be in /sdcard/ on your phone. You need to copy the contents to the file ~/.ssh/authorized_keys on your file server. (this will allow you to log in without typing a password) (the symbol ~ is your home directory)
    - click 'add profile'
    -- for profile name, put something like 'backup pics to server's
    -- for 'local file or directory', put the location of your pics (example: /sdcard/DCIM/ )
    -- for username, put your username you use on the computer
    -- for server, put the LAN ip of your file server
    -- for private key, put /sdcard/dss_key
    -- for remote file or directory, put ~/phone-pics-backup
    -- click save, now you should be able to manually backup by clicking the profile name, 'backup pics to server'

    ** Setup Llama (this will let you auto run apps/commands based on your location or phone settings)
    - under 'events', click the + sign
    - click 'add condition' then 'wifi network detected' and then pick your WiFi network. (the conditions I use are 'connected to home WiFi' and when my battery is over 50%)
    - click 'add action, pick 'locale plugin' then rsync


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