is there a way to "force eject" disks?

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by g-boac, Mar 5, 2009.

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    If I get a message "the disk blah blah could not be ejected because it is in use", how can I force it to eject??

    My Time Machine drive is a USB hard disk, and when I plug it in, I am unable to get it to eject (even if the Time Machine preferences show that I am NOT backing the disk up). When I unplug it, I get the warning message about not unplugging drives before ejecting.

    Is is there a way for me to "force eject" or force anything accessing my time machine volume to shut down, so that I can properly eject it?

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    Oct 30, 2006
    If you know FOR SURE that it's not still sending or receiving information, it doesn't hurt anything to disconnect without ejecting first.

    Try to restart the Finder. Press all 3 simultaneously: Cmd + Option + Esc, then select "Finder" and go down to "Relaunch" :)
    If not, then just hold the power button down until it turns off and restart.

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    Even though you mentioned that it is not currently backing up in the TM preferences, is TM actually turned off in the same pref pane?

    If it is turned off in the pref pane and still won't let you eject it, then download the program BobZune recommended which is called "What's Keeping Me?"- it is a very handy little free utility that can easily shed light on it what it keeping it from ejecting.
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    Try restarting and then eject might work.

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