Is there a way to get content from a bad sector?

Discussion in 'Mac OS X Lion (10.7)' started by shmerls, Aug 16, 2015.

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    I seem to have a bad sector and when I try to backup with SuperDuper, it gets 98% complete backing up and then I get an error that files can't be backed up and the app quits. The SD Log points to a folder in Apple Mail that is an On My Mac folder.

    I have tried rebuilding directory with DiskWarrior 5, and Disk Utility and while I've had varying success, it seems something is intermittent and I just can't get SD to complete. If I could, then I could trash this drive and use my mirror backup as my primary drive and move on.

    I've tried deleting the On My Mac folder from within Mail, but Mail freezes. I even thought perhaps I might be able to go into invisible Library > Mail > etc. and trash the folder that way, but since I don't know what this might do, I haven't done it.

    I don't have any other repair or rescue tools but thought this would be the best place to get some overall approach, strategy ideas other than bite bullet, trash drive, move on. Although, I'm quite close to that as I have most of my data.

    I'm actually more concerned with what might not be getting completed since SD makes the backup drive bootable and blesses it on completion. Although, even with SD not completing, I can still boot off this backup drive, but I can't know what's not finalizing in the SD's process.

    Any thoughts what I might do to get through this so SD can complete a backup?


    PS: I've removed the troubled drive out of my Mac Pro and have it in an external FW 800 / USB 2.0 enclosure which is helpful.

    I can't use Disk Utility because I get the "Live File system repair is not supported" error. But don't get it if I boot up in Recovery mode and use Disk Utility that way. But although it says the drive "appears" to be OK, who knows what "appears" means.

    I'm doing all this repair and diagnostic work off a Mavericks 10.9.5 drive to access the unhappy Lion drive (Seagate Barracuda 1.5 TB)
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    I don't use Super Duper so I don't know how it deals with bad sectors. I think Carbon Copy Cloner will note the bad sectors and associated files and move on to finish, so you might give that a shot with the trial period, if that's available to you.
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    Brian, you are correct! However CCC informs that the mapping function which usually maps out problem content or sectors and bypasses these areas and continues backing up (by default) isn't working in the latest commercial version, but has been fixed in the available free public beta version.

    If you own CCC or download it to buy or use their 30-day Trial, and go to:

    CCC Preferences >
    Select: "Inform me of beta updates" >
    Click: "Check for updates now" >
    Follow simple directions from there.

    Release Notes:

    Thanks Brian!

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