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    I downloaded a 1080p TV episode from iTunes and the file was damaged (specifically it's missing every 7th frame so it has jerky motion). I also tried the 720p version and it had the same issue, confirming that the fault is with the master file. I went to "report a problem" and let them know, and got back a response asking me to try redownloading.

    I redownloaded the 1080p version, and it still had the issue. I told Apple, and they flagged the item as undownloaded in my account and asked me to try downloading it again.

    After downloading it for a third time and confirming that the problem still exists, I was told that the problem must affect the original file (yes, I know, that's what I said in the first place!) and was given a download credit so that I can re-buy the video for free. I'm not sure what that's supposed to accomplish when the master file is damaged :rolleyes:

    I asked whether the episode has been flagged for review (since I know that Apple has a process for this, ultimately resulting in an automated message once the file has been fixed). This question was ignored and I was told once again that I can use my account credit to re-buy the episode.

    Does anyone know whether there is a way to skip all this nonsense and just get it officially logged as a fault?
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    It's not apple but the content creator uploading the file

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