is there a way to open a finder window in classic?


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Aug 30, 2003
Sure you can!

You'll need the developer tools (Xcode) installed, unless you want to rummage around in VersionTracker or whatever to find something that can change classic type/creator codes.

First, go into System Folder, control-click on Finder, and Duplicate.

Now from the terminal:
/Developer/Tools/SetFile -t APPL -c ???? '/System Folder/Finder copy'
Now you have a classic Finder that can be run as an application. You'll need to do a File->Open to get a window going because the classic desktop will be hidden.

The Classic Finder doesn't have a Quit item in its menu, so you'll need to shut down Classic manually to make it go away.

Now, how is this useful? Beats me!