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Jimmy James

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Original poster
Oct 26, 2008
I accidentally hit "update all" while on cellular data. When they removed the need to enter your password in iOS 6 I decided to be very careful with this, since I could foresee accidentally using up my data allotment. Not careful enough, I suppose.

I tried rebooting the phone and logging out of my App Store account. No luck. The downloads continued. While the apps over 50 mb didn't go through there was enough under to threaten my remaining data limit. I ended up shutting off data completely until I could get a wifi connection.

Personally, I would rather enter my pw as a safeguard.


macrumors Penryn
Aug 31, 2011
Exit the App store if you've hit update accidentally.

Go to where the app is that you want to pause updates on and press it (as if you were going to open it to use it). The download for that app will pause. Press again to continue the download.

You'll have to do that for each app you want paused. Note that this does not cancel the download. In the end the update will be applied, so if there ever happens to be an app you didn't want to update - it's too late at that point.
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