is there a way to pre-download the ios update?

Discussion in 'iOS 5 and earlier' started by itsjustmeee, Nov 20, 2011.

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    I need to update an ipad 1 that has a slower wifi than I have at home. Can I pre-download the ios update beforehand and then apply it later on that ipad?

    BTW, I've already downloaded ios 5.0.1 and updated my own ipad 2 so if it is just a downloadable file, will it still be on my macbook pro somewhere?

    (and yes, both ipads use my apple account and use my macbook to back them up.)
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    Yes. iTunes gives you the option to download now and install later.
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    That only works if the iOS device is plugged into your computer and it detects that there is an upgrade available. It won't work if you're trying to download the software at one place and then go somewhere else and plug the ipad in and do it. If you want to do this- you have to go to the direct download links for the updates- they are at the bottom of this post. There are also the instructions for installing them there as well.
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    Thanks for the link but I don't see where it mentions instructions for installing there. Is it somewhere in the comments or did I just miss it?
  5. BrunoWill, Nov 20, 2011
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    You can use iTunes to download the update firmware, and then find this path iTunes/iPhone Software Updates/ in your library with your account. Then copy it out, so that you can use it anywhere. Just hold shift and click update, then find this firmware
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    You can download the software outside of iTunes HERE for iPhone, HERE for iPad, and HERE for iPod Touch. When it comes time that you want to install them, you have to be connected to the internet on your computer for verification. When clicking upgrade/update/restore in iTunes as you normally would, hold down the Alt/Option key on a Mac or the Shift button within Windows. This will allow you to browse to the software that you wish to install instead of downloading it within iTunes. After that, the process is the same. Just sit and wait ;)

    But once you're on iOS 5, you can do OTA updates on the device itself. Works great.
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