Is there a way to prevent large downloads from iCloud when tethered on a Mac?

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    The basic gist of it is...

    Often when I tether my Macbook while traveling it'll start download large amounts of data from iCloud. Photostream is a big culprit, to the point that I just turn it off. iMessage too, as it syncs conversations that are often full of images.

    Is there a hidden switch somewhere to NOT download bulk data when tethered? The machine KNOWS it's tethered; it uses a different WiFi icon (the chain links) when tethered. So this would be trivial to implement.

    The worst case was a few months ago, when it blew through nearly a gig of my data plan before I realized it was downloading hundreds of photos I had taken on my phone on my trip. Ugh.
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    I to think storing photos in iCloud is a bad idea. The data plans can get expensive over time and just think about getting a Synology NAS and use it to store pictures and setup a VPN server in it and use a VPN connections from your smart phone to it when about.

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