Is there a way to restore ?

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    Hi everyone,

    My is acting really weird lately. I have 2 Gmail, 1 Yahoo and 1 iCloud account attached to it and gmail accounts which i primarily use gives way too many errors. Im aware that many other people are having issues with gmail and but mine seems to be more messed up.

    It often wont send mail because smtp server offline, It sometimes asks my password out of the sudden and wont accept even if i type correctly. Sometimes doesnt accept password when trying to add a new account.

    Other than im pretty happy with yosemite and dont feel like i need to do a clean install or anything. I feel like if i can able to restore (or clean all the trace of old accounts) it might be fine. I dont know for sure though.

    Any help is appretiated. Cheers
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    There is a way to RESET by navigating to the folder /YourHardDrive/Users/YourUserName/Library/Preferences/ and find the file "" and put it in your Trash, Then restart and restart Mail and then manually re-add your server settings correctly.

    Setup GMail help:Support GMail help

    Yahoo email server settings: Yahoo IMAP/POP server settings
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    Oh i thought nobody answered the thread :)

    I checked now but i couldnt find the file, theres one mail-shared.plist though ?

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