is there a working ati x1600 driver

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    so you can guess my question already
    just installed Vista ultimate 32bit on my iMac core duo in my signature just because i need to use microsoft office 2010 version for windows
    , everything works fine , apart from the GPU which is not recognized by windows and replaced with a poxy vga with 16mb

    where do i get that driver from as ati's website is more a joke then useful to find a simple driver , i dont need catalyst i want a driver, just a driver that works not more
    i am about to get a nervous breakdown and call a shrink
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    Feb 15, 2009
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    May 28, 2005
    Catalyst is the driver. You can also install Bootcamp off of the OS X DVD, and it will install the driver for you that way.
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  5. MacHamster68, Apr 25, 2011
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    thank you , but still the same result no matter how often i even show windows that ati catalyst thing or how often i let it run windows is totally refusing to see that there is a ati x1600 inside and still using a standard vga driver for a 16mb card
    not even on a hackintosh i came across such problems neither on my gaming rig's which obviously run windows natively
    or do i think to difficult

    update :

    YES i did think to difficult , after reinstalling OSX and then windows7 via bootcamp and not even try to install any downloaded drivers windows 7 updated the ati x1600 from alone after running windows update , now even windows 7 is using the native resolution :)

    and windows 7 is actually really speedy compared to snow leopard , can't beat tiger which runs on another partition but still a huge improvent over windows vista which made me switch to linux back then

    now i got a real all in one computer.. Mac OS 10.4/Mac OS 10.6/windows 7/LINUX (mint,debian ,fedora,red hat)all on separated partitions and all OSes work natively

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