Is there an adapter to convert from lightning to micro USB?


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Jan 28, 2009
I know there are adapters that can convert a micro USB cable end to a lightning end to use on an iPhone. But is there any the other way around?

ie I want to convert a lightning end to a micro USB end.

I've been looking at a Lexar C20i which is a cable with a memory stick built in for iOS. However I wouldn't mind also using it for an Android phone I also have that uses micro USB.

I'm in UK, bit can't seem to find any, that go from micro USB to lightning.

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Aug 28, 2013
Yes! Can't see on Amazon UK though.... Looking. Anyone used one? Are they compatible enough? Don't get the "not compatible error"

Also would this work on a Lexar C20i lightning memory cable on an Android phone?

I wonder why you cant see it there? Maybe search on eBay for it? As for the other questions I have no clue. Hope someone else can help you.
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