is there an app for loading photos, video, & PDF all in one?

Discussion in 'iPad' started by thouts, Feb 8, 2011.

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    This is a challenge that I feel like i'm not the only one facing. I am a marketing manager for a company and we are thinking about getting the sales staff iPads. I want to manage the content on the iPads but want them to be able to sync to their own computers for email, contacts, and calendars. They all run windows computers.

    I'm wondering if their is an app that i can load to their iPads that will allow me to load content to a folder on our network that they can link to to get the updated photos, videos, and PDF's? Possibly it would update the content after a snyc?

    Any help is much appreciated! Thanks!
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    GoodReader App supports photos, videos, and PDF. Through iTunes or web (FTP, website, etc). It even has Password support.
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    Aww, you beat me to it :)

    For a corporate style solution, I think you can set up a local FTP server on your network and Goodreader can connect right to it over wifi.

    Edit: just to be clear, Goodreader is a pull-type app, it doesn't automatically sync over FTP and trying to do what you want through iTunes would be a pain...another option might be Dropbox, although the data is stored in the cloud, not on your network...worth looking into.

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