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Sep 20, 2011
I recently bought a Retina Mac Book Pro and all of my iTunes movies look kind of sad on it. I was going to get a Super Drive, but is there a blu-ray version of it? I want to be able to burn DVDs but also play blu-rays... don't need to burn blu-ray though. I don't know if anything like this exists. If there isn't something that does both, is there anything that can at least play blu-ray? Thanks.


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May 7, 2012
Little Rock, AR
I purchased a 5.25" USB3 enclosure and added a bluray reader to it for ripping. It was about $70 total. I don't believe a BDR can max USB2 though.


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Jun 16, 2008
I bought a LG external Blu-Ray reader / DVD Burner and it works great with my macbook pro using only 1 usb port and MakeMKV (usually get about 4x average rip speed and finish a Blu ray in an hr).


Jul 24, 2007
Troutdale, OR
Lots of USB Bluray burners work, I would get a USB 3 one as I had issues with USB 2 burners neededing extra USB ports for power (USB 3 supplies more power, so no need for multi port connectors.)

Software wise, I know dvdfab media player and someone else makes Bluray player software. The problem with dvdfab is that it is a subscription, not a one time fee, and you need to have Internet to play any Bluray disc.

Best option is to use makemkv, and convert the movie to a file first. (Handbrake can take the mkv and convert to a iTunes compatible M4V file.)
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