Is there any chance iphone may delete everything just like that?

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    (sorry about my english)
    I have iphone 5s and it was work just fine i have 0 problem, no lag, no restart, nothing at all !!! until today i have put my phone on charger and go 2 sleep and when i wake up i see my background change (WTF!!!) when i unlooked everything is gone !! all of my information and data gone ! i did not do anything i was sleep and before it was work perfect i swear MAAAAN !!! :eek:
    is this normal ? i did give my brother yesterday my apple id and set up for him find my iphone is he just prank me and deleted everything ? that #$@@@@? is there any chance i can know if he did that ? is there any history? or something
    did any one have same problem ?
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    Yep. Sounds like he remote wiped it via find my iPhone.
    That's what you get for giving him your Apple ID and password.
    You should reset the password and not give him access to it again.
    Check the email address associated with that Apple id.
    It usually sends you an email with the remote wipe command initiated and when it was received and executed on the device.

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