Is there any hotkeys or tips, you guys can teach me?

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by Flash89, Jun 2, 2010.

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    Hello guys, I've just purchased a macbookpro and made the switch from windows. When it comes to Macs, I'm completely a noob and I don't know a thing. Is there any special hot keys that you guys can share? For example in windows we have the alt+ctrl+delete button to get your task manager etc....or special services like disk defragmenter to defrag your drive. Anything will help! thanks a lot!


    PS: my macbook pro is coming!!!!
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    Apple invented the shortcuts that you probably know, Microsoft ripped them and changed them, but very minor.

    You might recognize something similar to, oh, say:

    Command-Z: Undo
    Command-C: Copy
    Command-V: Pase
    Command-A: Select All

    Etc.., These things should pretty much come natural, they're the same.

    Use Control+Eject to bring up the Power options. Shut Down, Restart, Sleep.

    Command+Shift+Q will allow you to log out quickly.

    Control+Shift+Eject will put your display to sleep, on notebooks.

    Command+Option+Control+8 will invert the colors on your display. It seems soooo stupidly useless, but I've gotten a lot of mileage out of it.

    Control+Zoom Up/Down will zoom into and out of your display.

    Do trash an item such as a folder, you usually need to press Command+Delete. I don't know why this is. But once you've put an item in the Trash, press Command+Shift+Delete to empty it.

    Command+Space will open the Spotlight field. This means if I want to open a song file, it's as easy as pressing Command+Space and typing a part of the song or artist, then pressing enter.

    Option+Command+Escape will bring up the option to force quit or restart applications. If somebody ever tells you to restart the Finder, the fastest way is to use this menu.

    In Windows, pressing Enter will open a file or application. In MacOS, pressing Enter will make the file's name field editable. So to rename a file, select it, press Enter, type the name, press Enter. Done.

    To open the application or folder, besides double-clicking, press Command+O.

    All of the other shortcuts cane me located/modified in System Preferences>Keyboard to Keyboard Shortcuts.

    They sure do make life so much easier :p

    Also, the Force Quit menu is NOT equivalent to the Task Manager. The Task Manager is the Activity Monitor. Once you open the Activity Monitor, though, you'll never go back to that conglomerate crap on Windows again. It's a prime example of how MacOS is so much more clean and straightforward.
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    If you want to be a keyboard commander then bookmark the Apple website Mac OS X keyboard shortcuts. Plus open system Preferences (in your Dock)->Keyboard and you will see a "Keyboard Shortcuts" tab. In there you can add your shortcuts By hitting the + sign. Also in there you can change a shortcut by clicking on the written out command keys in the far right hand window.

    Also you can open And Application/files just by name with a cool little shareware called LaunchBar.

    As a first time user I urge you to get the book Switching to the Mac: The Missing Manual, Snow Leopard Edition. Lastly consider the videocast ScreenCastOnline and you see some great Mac programs demonstrated.

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