Is there any way to bypass restrictions?

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    Basically, my school gave every student iPads. These iPads have profiles on and restrictions. If you delete the profile (s) it removes you from the wifi and when you go to tech you get in trouble. The restrictions code I am unsure about, I tried to backup the iPad and use an extractor to view the plist and get the code, but the program I used requires a $25 payment to extract encrypted files which I really don't want to pay. Recently someone discovered a leak where you open a catalog in iTunes U (staff installed this) where it leads you to download apps, soon after my school restricted switching apple IDs. As of now I am logged in under my school and I tried every way of signing out, even through iBooks and iTunes U. Does anyone have any idea on how to bypass the restrictions to at least switch my account or to get the code? Thanks.

    Also, it is an iPad 3 running on 6.1.3
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    Perhaps you should fully investigate the consequences of violating school policy concerning an iPad owned by the school, paid for by the taxpayers, and loaned to you under certain conditions, before proceeding.

    Probably wiser to just buy your own iPad.
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    If viewing the plist file is guaranteed to give you the key, I would say $25 is a good investment. There could be other students with the same issue, and then you can charge them $5 each for fixing it.

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