Is there any way to make the MB screen matte?

Discussion in 'MacBook' started by Papercut, Mar 8, 2008.

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    I am waiting for the MB to have and a LED screen and then I am all over it (it will replace my mini and my pc portable). LCDs at 60 hz (or what ever the refresh rates are) kill me- i become a zombie. I currently use a crappo Toshiba notebook with a glossy screen, and I gotta tell ya 60hz with a glossy screen is even worse- differing refresh rates on the screen and the tube light around me or the direct sunlight that blinds me is awful. I'm not pretty, kinda beefy, so staring at myself all is not my idea of fun either.

    Is there anyway to make the MB (not pro) have a matte screen? Is there a special filter available? I don't foresee myself ever springing for a MBP so this is my only hope.

    iPhone 2.0 (coming out of 1.x beta) is gonna be the tits.
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    stick a matte screen protector over your glossy.

    That should take out some of the glare and reflectiveness.
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    Refresh rates? Uh, you do know that LCD display's don't actually "refresh." The screen is updated at 60Hz, but only what has changed in the frame buffer gets updated on the screen. Even an LCD display at 10Hz will not have any noticeable flicker until something on the screen changes (and then it'll only be what's actually changing).
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    thanks for the input, lol

    I know there is no refresh rate, there is a pixel clock or some other mechanism that acts in much the same. if you have an lcd that you can adjust you will see a difference at 60 and 75 hz, maybe it is just me. Thanks for implying I am an idiot.

    Tube lights can get me as well. If there are lights with differing speeds it causes all kinds of problems for me (I used to do 24 hour comics hunched over a tube light light box and eventually I started seeing wavelengths- it was scary).

    Anyone have any specific recommendations for matte screens, I live in Taiwan where it is actually really hard to find an organized assortment of computer gear (sounds strange I know- the tech areas are very chaotic and if you don't have money for someone on the spot they basically tell you to f off).
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    Not laughed out loud for a long time, but this made me fall off my chair! :D
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