Is there anyway to stop Microsoft Office 2016 on macOS prompting for update?

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by ulyssesric, May 3, 2018.

  1. ulyssesric, May 3, 2018
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    I want to stop this prompt:


    Normally I’d encourage people to keep their system / app up-to-date, but there is only one word that can describe what Microsoft had done in Office for Mac: catastrophe.

    Their Apr 2018 update destroyed the ability to display / assign Asian font correctly. Prior to the update, I can view & set Asian font using the Asian name of a font family (e.g. "細明體" instead of "PMingLiU"). But after update all fonts are displayed using English font family name. I can stil use these Asian fonts, but it's no longer be compatible with Windows version.

    Besides, the performance is severely declined after update: the text input curser can’t even catch up with my typing speed.

    I've managed to revert to older version via Time Machine backup. This is not the first time that Office update ruined everything so I'd always make backup before applying for update. Now I just want to stop this annoying prompt.

    [EDIT] Yes I’ve already set Microsoft Auto Update to “Manually Check”. The problem is all Office apps keep bugging me & asking me to check updates.
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    Probably not, as MS has gone crazy with their update policy. It's even worse on Windows 10. If you go into "Microsoft AutoUpdate," you can set it to "Manually Check" so at least it won't do it to you accidentally.
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    The Office 2016 Auto Update app allows you to set Manual, Auto Check, Auto Download and install. If you select manual, it will only check for updates when you launch the update app.
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    I've done this on both Windows at work and on my iMac at home. Works OK and avoids the constant requests.

    Used to have the problem at work as I had a risk model which would run overnight with results due to a client the next day. If the machine shut down either for Windows or Office updates if would take 8-9 hours to run it during the day with more network traffic taking place.

    Problem solved!
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    I did. It’s the very first thing that I had done after installing Office. It’s not the first time that a single update ruins everything; so I’d always update first and apply update manually. The problems is that all Office apps keep bugging me asking me to check update. Just want to know is there anyway to stop these prompts without installing that disastrous update.
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    Some time ago I moved the Microsoft Updater app (called something like that) to a different folder so that Word and other MS Office apps couldn’t find it and it wouldn’t load on booting up. Then I just run it from time to time for updates. Not sure if this will work with the latest versions (and I don’t have access to my Mac to try it).
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