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Apr 12, 2011
So the first thing I’d noticed when I’d first started using my iPhone X coming from an iPhone 7 Plus was the way the video didn’t extend to the very edges of the screen unless zoomed in then the video was cropped. I was hoping the iPhone XS Max would solve that issue with the return of a larger screen but from all of the promo videos I’ve seen so far, it seems as though in order to have full screen video it’ll require pinch to zoom or double tap as does the existing iPhone X. I feel it’s not making good use of the 6.5 inch screen and really hope there’s a way to watch full screen video without zooming in. Anyone able to verify?


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Aug 21, 2012
Even though the screen is larger , it is in the same odd aspect ratio, 18.5:9 ( long and less wide), where as the nonX models had a 16:9 ratio. So 16:9 video will not take up the whole screen on the Max model either, and will be letterboxed, unless you zoom in.
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