Is there something wrong with my new MB?

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by edcoche, Nov 20, 2007.

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    Nov 2, 2007
    Hello all,

    I have made a few appearances on these forums in the past few weeks and have appreciated all of your input. I just got my new MB less than 2 weeks ago and I have began to notice some things about it that are making me feel as if something could be wrong with it. I have had issues getting the things turned on. A few days back I was running low on batteries, about 5% left so I decided to charge it up. Before plugging in the cable I turned off the computer, waited a few seconds, then plugged it in, waited a few more seconds, and then attempted to turn on the machine--nothing. I try again, nothing. Then on the 3rd try she fired up, just as it ought to. Was I just being impatient or is this kind of power button issue common amongst macbook users??

    Every so often I will insert a CD in the drive. Nothing special about the disc(s), just a music CD. However, a screen sometimes fails to appear and request if I wish to add the music to the iTunes library. Does that happen every so often with anybody else? I dont understand why it happens--although it rarely happens. These are computers though, they are programmed to either DO something, or NOT DO something, so I dont understand why my computer is being to inconsistent.

    Sometimes when I press the system preferences icon in my dock the system preferences window fails to appear on my screen. I know that I pressed it b/c the lil icon will bounce up -n- down in the dock and I will see that system preferences has loaded b/c the command bar changes to system preferences bar. However the system preferences window is nowhere to be seen. If I click on system preferences in the upper left hand I see the system preferences options and it says hide system preferences, or hide other. I'm like, well "mr window", you seem to be hiding already, WTF? So I have to quit the app and reopen it. Sometimes on the 1st try it works as it should, other times it takes 3/4 tries and I really do not understand why.

    Just so you guys know, I have always been proficient with computers (well....PCs), I used to build them and I am a source of information for many--not with macs. This is my first mac and I want to convert to a happy mac user. I love the OS however I am not liking the inconsistencies that I am experiencing (I realize that there is many inconsistencies with windows.) Am I just getting too paraniod or is there a cause for concern? I just spent 1500 on this MB and I wish for it to be money well spent. Mainly, I just dont want to have it break down later on. Is this something that I should deal with now? Such as sending it in?

    Also, when there is an error, like in safari or wherever, do you guys send in the error report to apple? I have been, b/c I figure it couldnt hurt any.

    thanks in advance for taking the time to help me out.

    EDIT: one more thing. When I close the screen I hear a sound. its hard to describe but it kind of sounds like the HD doing something. Is that noise my computer going into sleep mode? Sometimes when the book is closed it makes that sound too, randomly. Even if I do not touch my wireless bluetooth mouse. Should this be happening.

    Please be patient with my inexperience. I am used to knowing whats going on with computers however I am a new mac user so its going to take me awhile to get knowledgeable with them.
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    Canada EH!!!
    I have 4 Macs and I personally have not had any of the issues you describe. Obviously, it has to either be a hardware issue or a software issue. I think that the inconsistencies that you are describing are not normal.

    Personally, I would do a clean install of the OS again and see what happens (after backing everything up). Then, if you are still having problems it must be a hardware issue.

    I know that a fresh install can be a pain, but you are describing a number of issues that, to me, seem quite different from each other. You shouldn't have to put up with the inconsistencies you are describing.

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    Is there something wrong with my new MB?

    If you call Apple tech support they'll tell you to reinstall your operating system, and all your apps.

    It has worked for me.

    Sometimes for unknown reasons a file is corrupted, and the only cure is to, install, and erase.

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