Is this 3-display layout possible with MBP15 TouchBar?

Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by tofagerl, Jan 21, 2017.

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    I have multiple computer and multiple screens. I would like to add an UltraFine, but the price is a huge issue, so I want as much information as possible before ordering.
    I now have 2 Dell U2414Hs, one of which is pretty much always dedicated to a chromecast, but both are also connected to my gaming computer. In addition I have a U2515H which is my main gaming computer.
    Right now I have the U2515H as the main display on my MBP15tb and one U2414H as the secondary. (With the third screen pretty much always being used for netflix, so it's not connected to the mac.
    The U2515H is connected via a TB3-> TB2 adapter and a Belkin TB2 hub, and the U2414H via HDMI and the normal apple AV "multiport" adapter

    Simple question: Can I add an Ultrafine with a single TB3 cable now, or are too many displayport lanes taken?
    If I can't, do I have to remove the U2515H, or can I make do with removing the U2414H?
    Obviously the UltraFine makes the U2515H look like CGA, but I would still rather have the 25" as the secondary than the 24"...
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    Gosh what a whirlwind of a post that was!

    Let me get this straight: you've presently got two displays connected to your MacBook - one at 1440p and one at 1080p?

    In which case, yes you can add an UltraFine 5K display.

    The 15" Late 2016 MacBook Pros can officially support up to four external displays at up to 4K resolution. (In reality it can support more displays than this - up to six including the MacBook's display - in various configurations but it isn't officially supported).

    A 5K display counts as two 4K displays. So if you use a 5K display, you can still use another two 4K displays.

    So, yes! You can easily run one 5K, one 1440p, and one 1080p monitor, plus the built-in display, at the same time.

    You may even be able to add an extra screen to that too, though it isn't officially supported and so may have issues in a future software update, for example.
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