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Aug 2, 2015
Definitely a TAM. Hopefully, it eventually ends up with someone who will appreciate it. Those auctions tend to be attended in large part by asset flippers, so it'll probably go to one of them before being listed elsewhere at a much higher price. Such is the way of things...
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Nov 7, 2004
One of the TAMs at least looks boxed with all the trimmings. That will attract a lot of bids.


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Sadly, that's not true. I have one in mint condition with all the boxes and accessories. The most anyone seems willing to pay is $500.oo
That might be true where you are, but the world is a very L -A-R-G-E place outside the US!
If I had your boxed TAM, mint, fully functional, and with all accessories including the fat back, leather wallet and pen set, I guarantee I could sell it within a month for a minimum of 1000euros (1150 $US).
If you lived next door to me, I'd get you the $500 you believe it's worth. The fat back alone I've seen fetch up to 300euros; for those who don't have one, they're like gold dust.
Granted a TAM which is non-functional is a more difficult sell, but nevertheless I've still seen them within the last 12 months go for 600euros+. Currently I know of two available, 550euros/631US$ (keyboard and speaker cloth a bit worse for wear) and 900euros/1030US$ for another with unserviceable screen.
As I follow Mac vintage prices very closely, TAM prices have indeed slowed a little over the last 6 months. But there is still more demand than there is supply. Same is very true for 20" G4 iMacs!
Suggest you give THIS a read too.........


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Believe me—I know it's worth far more than $500. My asking price has been $2,000—but no one is biting.

So, it sits in its box waiting for a new owner. Fat back, pen set, G3 upgrade and all.

Ah sorry, I initially misread your #8 post. My bad. Yes for sure your's is worth more than $500. However today I think $2000 is too high to be realistic, but you may prove me wrong.
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