Is this a good buy?


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Jun 30, 2007
Orange County, California
I was just wondering if this was a good deal, and if I should buy...
this will be my first mac, a desktop replacement, and if I shouldn't get this I will be waiting until January to buy a refurbished MacBook (mid-end)

Its a Powerbook G4, 15 inch.
NEW 160 GB hard drive (just replaced, and a 5 year warranty)
1.25 GB ram Upgradeable to 2 GB easily
128 MB video RAM (MUCH better than macbooks! allows great video playback and gaming)
NEW DL superdrive (just replaced)
Airport Extreme and Bluetooth
Battery lasts 2+ hours (85% left)
Great condition, some very light hairline scratches on the back.
All original accessories and disks
Web gallery-
With CS3, iLife '08, fresh install of Tiger, and Office 2004
~$910 Shipped + PP Fees

I will be using this for the reg every day stuff, light photo editing (with photoshop)..
Everyday stuff:
-Photo Management\Editing


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May 11, 2007
Sounds like an awesome deal to me, but i for one had to upgrade to two gigs, not that i needed it, but i just wanted it :D

I would get it.



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Sep 26, 2006
WOW! Are you sure you are getting CS3? If so, I'd say it's a pretty good deal. It's a pretty well rounded computer. The hard drive upgrade makes it so much more compelling (+ good battery health).

However, if you can wait, a refurb macbook in january would also be a good deal. It would be noticeably faster, and plus the models now (new) come with 1gig ram as standard. But you won't be getting CS3.

Your call.


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Sep 26, 2006
only thing I am worried about, is the 1.5ghz....
Okay, you may have the same model as my brother. It's still a good computer (given enough ram). While I get impatient at waiting for things to happen (note my computer in the sig), it is quite adequate for day to day tasks and gaming.

But as I mentioned, if you can wait until January, getting a refurb macbook would be a smarter choice.

If you check out geekbench benchmarks, you'll see that the 1.5 is actually slower than your current setup (albeit not running OSX). And any of the macbooks will be at least 2x as fast.

But...if you wanted to play some games, the 1.5 is still pretty good. As you already mentioned, the macbook is lacking in that department. It all depends on what you'll be doing more of.


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Aug 27, 2006
Yeah, CS3 in the form of an illegal version downloaded from the net with no media.... Probably the same for Tiger and the rest of the software.

I will never buy a computer that is advertising clearly illegal software as an extra. People still seem to pay more for them on eBay anyway. Idiots.

Also, it is against paypal's rules to charge a buyer the paypal fees.