Is this a good deal?


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Nov 4, 2001
Philadelphia, PA
I saw a post on craigslist for a newton 2000 with a 2100 memory upgrade for $110. Here's the post:

Newton 2000 with the memory upgrade to effectively make this a Newton 2100. It works great I used it for notes in college. But since graduation have found I don't need it anymore. Also comes with all the accessories that I gathered for it over the years. Here is what is included:

Newton 2100 Messagepad
original stylus
original power adapter
battery tray to hold AA batteries
PCMCIA ethernet card and wires
PCMCIA wireless card
2 keyspan USB to newton adapters for use with modern computers
wires for said adapters
2 dongles (used for keyboard connection etc)
keyboard w/ case
case for newton and keyboard that props up newton laptop style
cd with some assorted newton applications (most can be found online for free)

This newton has only minor markings from wear and tear. The screen is still well lit and not scratches. All the original hinges and plastic do-hickeys on the outside of the case work and are intact. I can give more details for those who want (and pictures) but u get the idea: it still works well.
I was wondering if this is a deal I should consider or not. Thanks for your input.