Is this a good Imac G5 Deal ?


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Jul 16, 2005
well am switching to mac soon (1-2 weeks max) i will need it for basic internet tasks(hotmail,messenger,downloading..etc) , music , watching Dvds and burning some , transfering files from and to my digital cam and MP3 player , maybe some light video editing or graphics , a game or two(i will still keep my P4 for this) , office 2004 ..thats about it !

iMac G5 1.8GHz/ 256MB/ 80GB/ SuperDrive/ 56K/ 17-inch - Apple Certified Refurbished $999.00


is this a good deal? i know the ram is low am going to add 512mb when i get it and if i couldnt i ll be able to do that in a month or two.

i realy cant go over 1050-1100$ and i dont need a laptop..

yeah one more thing , am getting it from the apple store (florida) will they be able to connect the Imac after i pay for it , so i can see if it has more than 4 dead pixles to get it fixed , instead of taking it with me then returning to them?

any extra info or help would be great :D

thanks !! :rolleyes:

Willy S

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May 8, 2005
With extra ram, this is an overkill for your needs. Extra ram is a necessity for all macs, and it isn´t expensive if you buy from the internet.

I have 2 rev A and I´m very pleased with them. :)


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May 26, 2005
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FF_productions said:
I would say get a maxed out emac, but this deal isn't something I'd wanna pass up...Get the Imac g5!
The thought had also crossed my mind as a recommendation for Ahmed. But at that price...iMac G5.