IS this cause for a restore?

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    edit: if you want can someone move this to tips and help.

    ok idk if i should do a restore now and set up as new iphone, because after having 3.0 i have had this problem

    sms sound didn't go off 2 random times, but went off every other time. for ex. i would get a text it would vibrate but no sound then next one would.

    the slider froze once

    and i turned off my phone before and it stayed 2 minutes on the apple logo screen so i did a hard reset and then it turned on right. are these things i should worry about?

    another weird thing i had was. i kept trying to download my "air hockey" app and it showed an image of the "pac man" app. even after syncing with the computer. i try again today and it officialy worked now, so it make have been the app.

    i wana know what to do, because i restored but synced from back up, but i keep hearing about setting up as new phone, but idk how to sync my contacts somewhere that i can then put them back onto my iphone, because thats the most important thing.
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    Your contacts are stored on your computer so you can always sync them back.

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