Is this crap OK?

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  1. quasinormal, May 13, 2011
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    Crap's OK isn't it? I just registered a new domain- I've got a crapload of CDs from my collection I'd like to sell. I have a static IP address, an Xserve G5 2.3Ghz on the way, a new copy of Server 10.5, the drag and drop web Sandvox, and a sick father who is going to keep me homebound for a while.

    I know nothing about all this, but so far things are looking encouraging, except that MobileMe won't let me temporarily host the domain there because of "crap".
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    Your favorite word? :)
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    Are you a contemporary Don Quixote?

    Joust away - Tempis Fugit.
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    Well, what do you think? Really?

    I couldn't care less if you called your site crapCDs, turdCD,

    However some people are sensitive, and no, Steve won't let you, because they don't want to deal with a bunch of crappy little sad-sacks who would have nothing better to do than complain about your domain name.

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