Is this excessive... (24" iMac advice/question)?


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Jul 1, 2004
Los Angeles.
Hey all,

Well, the night before the new iMacs were introduced, I purchased a 20" widescreen LCD panel to be paired with my 17" iMac right now. I didnt think a 23/24" iMac would come out, and I told myself if it did it would be out of my price range.

In any case, the LCD arrived yesterday, and I hooked it up to my 17" iMac... looks great.

Well, here lies the problem. I just sold my powerbook , which takes me about 75% to the 24" iMac... and I will be selling my 17" iMac to finance the other part.

Do I keep the 20" Widescreen? Will a 24" and 20" on my desk look a bit TOO excessive?



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Apr 29, 2006
Laguna Niguel, CA
i have a 23" ACD and 24" dell. and i dont feel excessive :) only productive.

if i sell my G5 and get the 24" imac. ill keep my ACD.

why'd you sell my PB? ( it's making its rounds! 4th owner now?? )


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Jul 5, 2006
I would purchase the 20" and max it out as much as you can afford. I am pretty sure u can even get the 2.33Ghz on the 20". with the 20" and a 20" display you will be pretty well off in my opinion.


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Sep 5, 2006
If you are raising the money through selling your older machines and do not need to use the money for another purpose, then I would definitely get the 24" iMac.

You will get better graphics hardware, which is always useful. FireWire 800, which if you do not already have a use for you may do in the future. More screen space to work with. Larger screen for watching DVDs or similar media - important if you are watching from a distance.