Is this good Idea to clean out iCloud memory?

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  1. anewfoundsin macrumors member

    Jun 20, 2009
    I maxed out on my 5gb iCloud, and I do not understand how I got to that point? Ok I do have 2 devices (iPhone + iPad) with 3.0gb & 2.0gb used by iCloud. I have Photos, Emails, OFF. I have under 1mb in "documents & data."
    I heard it could be data my Stock Apple Apps? What does that mean? How can I delete/clean up my ICloud?
    Should I delete my icloud backup and create a new one? Will i lose all my purchased apps/music?
  2. daveghard macrumors newbie

    Aug 18, 2013
    you can delete your backup (phone backup) it will not affect your purchased items as long as your still using the same itunes store account.

    deleting backup on iOS device:
    Settings>iCloud>Storage&Backup>Manage Storage> you will see your back ups here like Jony's iPhone, Jony's iPad2. Tap the backup you want to delete and scroll to bottom then you will the delete button there.

    You can also delete individual apps data:
    Settings>iCloud>Storage&Backup>Manage Storage> tap on the apps it will show you all the data it stored ex: keynote app will show your keynote files, deleting it will erase your files in keynote app. infinity blade app will show your data, deleting it will make you lost all achievement and will start you from zero.
    Take note its always good to have a backup, you lost, damage, etc your phone you can recover back all the data.

    After you clean up, do a fresh back up

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