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Apr 19, 2016
Hi all,

Can this iPad be saved or not? Pic attached.


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Jun 11, 2009
here are apple's out of warranty repairs costs for iPads. unlike iPhones, there is no lower price for screen only repairs

Pad mini, iPad mini 2: $199
iPad, iPad 2, iPad Air: $249
iPad 3rd generation, iPad 4th generation, iPad mini 3, iPad mini 4, iPad Air 2: $299
iPad Pro 9.7-inch: $379
iPad Pro 12.9-inch: $599

figure out which ipad that is, its approximate value on eBay or swappa, and see if you think its worth fixing.

it seems to me that you can take broken iPads, pay the replacement fee, and then sell the replacement they give you for nearly what you paid to have it fixed.

if its cellular, i would get a replacement. their resale value as used devices are worth the replacement cost
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Jun 11, 2009
if is an original ipad , id recycle it... your ipad has facetime and camera... i think the original iPads had no cameras, so it cant be an ipad one
[doublepost=1461058852][/doublepost]look at the back. get the model number. find out how much storage it has. find out if its cellular or wifi only.

search recently sold listings on swappa and eBay to see if they match what apple will charge you for the repair.

unless its an ipad 1 . i think you will find out that the resale value as good/excellent is the same as the repair cost

unless its been run over by a car, you won't have to buy a brand new one at full price
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Sep 1, 2008
If it's an iPad 2 3 or 4 you can get the screen replaced for about $130 at 3rd party repair shops
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