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Aug 19, 2014
Good afternoon,

I usually plug my iPhone 6 off the charger around 6am on school days and I have to recharge it instant when I get home at around 6pm.

Is this normal battery life for the iPhone 6 (4.7inch) model?

I am not quite sure but I think I had to re-charge my iPhone 4S in the beginning only every 2nd day. And that would not be even 50% of the iPhone 4S battery life compared.

My usage:
- mainly on WiFi networks
- using it maybe 30 minutes on 3G/4G/LTE

- location services -> product improvements disabled
- location services -> location-based iAds disabled
- location services -> time-zone setting disabled
- background refresh -> Telegram, Weather, WhatsApp
- brightness: 50%
- BT & WiFI: ON


I hope somebody can help. ^^

Best regards from Austria,


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Jun 3, 2009
Doesn't seem normal, but the Facebook app is just dreadful. I wouldn't be surprised if you stopped using that, your battery went back to normal.
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