Is this MacBook Pro Mid 2015 15 inch worth its money?

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Jul 13, 2004
Is this MacBook Pro Mid 2015 15 inch worth its money?
My MacBook Santa Rosa 2007 is now eleven years old.
I am considering replacing it with a MacBook Pro 2015 15 inch with 256 GB SSD and 16 GB RAM
Has a better keyboard than the versions of 2016-2017.
About 33% cheaper than a MacBook Pro 2018.
Has magsafe and USB 3 connections, so I do not need adapters.
I do not need a touchbar, preferably a 15 inch screen.
Will mainly be used for word processing, calculation tables and some video editing.
I do not need much disk space, however, I have an external disk.
I can buy that laptop new for 1825 EUR. (21% VAT included)
In the States this would be 1550 dollars without taxes.
Is this purchase still safe for a machine that is 3.5 years old?


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Feb 20, 2009
I prefer the 2015 design to the 2016/17/18 design.

I like a keyboard with "more travel" and I like having all the ports that I can actually use without dongles or adapters.

Whether YOU would prefer it is ... up to you.
That price is reasonable...


Nov 20, 2008
It's a better deal than whats available in the states. Best deal new in the states is $1799 right now.


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Mar 19, 2008
You could *give me* a newer model (2016+) and I'd still use my 2015.

I'd either gift the 2016+ to someone else or sell it.

Can't. Stand. That. Keyboard.